Customisation options with Leafield


Valve details


At Leafield Marine we pay attention to the details. Whether it’s our testing procedures or our design, we know that the little things make a big difference. That’s why we provide various customisation options for the design of your product.

We are well-known for our unique valve design. Our signature inflation valve shape is sleek and smooth to prevent it from intruding on your design. However, we wanted to make sure we had additional options match any style.

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One of the key benefits of using Leafield’s services is the option to customise your inflation valves. One of the ways in which we provide this is through colour choices. Our valve cores for our inflation/ deflation valves are available in black or grey, and our caps come in a selection of colours. These include grey, black, yellow, white, or red (as pictured below). This allows you to chose the colour that best suits your product. Furthermore, our pressure relief valves can be ordered in white, grey, or black.


customisation options

Pending minimum order requirements, we can also engineer your company name or logo onto the valve caps. We have even put customer’s websites on their caps. Our designers are happy to provide you with multiple options and work with you make sure you are happy with the final design before it is manufactured.  Get in touch today to see what we can do for you!


Our focus on quality stretches to every aspect of our product design, from the materials, to the aesthetics. We believe our sleek valves enhance the final product. Our various customisation options are available to ensure your air valves match the quality of the rest of your product.