Why Choose Leafield Marine For Your Inflatable Structure Needs?



Leafield Marine is one of the global market leaders in the design and manufacture of bespoke inflation systems, hose assemblies, and valves for inflatable structures. The products we develop are used on a wide range of rigid inflatable boats (RIBs), including dinghies, tenders, river rafts, white water rafts, leisure life rafts, and commercial life rafts.

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We also design products for emergency and rescue equipment, including inflatable tents, marine evacuation equipment, air boards (for mountain adventure), rescue boards (for river and marine evacuations), and inflatable decontamination showers.

We serve inflatable boat and equipment manufacturers in the emergency services, commercial, and marine leisure sectors. Our customers are located all over the world, including New Zealand, Australia, South America, and the Middle East. Please visit our applications page to find out more.

How We Help

We supply high-performance professional  and  life-raft grade equipment that meets demanding approvals and quality standards and is guaranteed to perform under demanding conditions. For each customer, we provide a bespoke service that addresses their challenges and matches the requirements of their application.

  • 1 re-order For boat designers: We work with life raft manufacturers and commercial boat designers (for fireboats, rescue boats, professional rafts etc) to create components for high-quality inflatable vessels and structures for use in leisure, emergency, and professional situations.
  • 2 For boat manufacturers: We work with design engineers at boat manufacturing firms to specify and supply particular valves for their performance requirements.
  • 3 For distributors: We don’t work with individual boat owners directly, but we do sell valves and inflation systems to distributors who serve private boat owners. See here to find out more about our distribution partners and contact us if you’re interested in supplying our products. If you are a boat owner and are looking for spare or replacement parts, we invite you to contact one of our distributors to check availability in your area.

Customer Service

Our service is customer relationship-driven, and we take time to understand your needs so we can provide the most appropriate and cost-effective technical solution for your application and budget. Designers and engineers are free to contact us throughout the process and we are happy to offer technical advice tailored to your situation – both before and after delivery.

What Next?

Please call 01225899550 to discuss your project with one of our service team, or browse our product pages for further details.

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