Our Engineering Capabilities

Leafield Marine have a team of incredible engineers who work on designing the best products and solutions for our customers. We are renowned for our engineering strength and work closely... Read More
boat with valves for commercial RIB

Ultimate Guide to Air Valves for Commercial RIBs

Leafield Marine work with manufacturers of all types of RIB and inflatable boats. However, our products are highly popular with designers of commercial RIBs due to their reliability. Customers often... Read More
drop stitch NRS

Everything You Need to Know About Drop Stitch

Drop stitch is an inventive new material, which is often used in inflatable products. It has become highly popular in recent years, particularly with designers of inflatable SUPs and kayaks.... Read More
product test certifications

Certifications & Approvals

Leafield Marine design and manufacture many products for use at sea, or in life saving applications. Therefore, safety is always a top priority for us. It is vital that our... Read More