Leafield Marine’s products and systems are commonly integrated in the manufacture and design of military, commercial, and defence boats and RIBs. In applications such as these, reliability and efficiency are crucial.

At Leafield Marine we place great emphasis on the dependability and durability of our valves. As a result, they are extensively tested during the design implementation stage. Consequently ensuring the endurance, and strength of their assembly.

Each of our inflation valves and pressure relief valves are individually pressure tested. They are rigorously subjected to salt spray, UV, Sand, and Aluminium Oxide wear & function tests, to ensure the integrity of the products on which they are used.

Leafield Marine complete all production and design to Quality Standard ISO 9001:2015 criteria. Many products are further manufactured to meet PED, PE(S)R and SOLAS standards as well.

Our products are designed for use in the most extreme situations. Therefore, they are used in countless military applications around the world. Many of our valves have been issued with NATO stock numbers. These were obtained after many years of service in varied theatres of operation, from Arctic surveys to coastal patrol vessels. They are regularly used in extreme environments, typically operating between temperatures of + 60°C to – 30°C.



Switchable Transfer Valve (STV)


The Leafield Switchable Transfer Valve (STV), or intercommunication valve is a patented and maintenance-free valve used in many diverse scenarios worldwide. These include Heli-drop, underwater CRRC applications, rapid deployment, and search and rescue.

The STV provides an internal link between adjoining chambers of an inflatable boat, providing a single point of inflation and deflation. The valve can be opened and closed using a control switch to link, or separate adjoining inflatable chambers as required. The STV is opened to allow air or gas to transfer between chambers or closed to ensure the chambers are independent and that a problem in one chamber will not affect the others.




Boat Inflation Systems


Leafield Marine’s boat inflation systems consist of a cylinder, hose system and inlet valves. A wide range of components are available to be customised to the design of your boat. This is to ensure rapid and even inflation.

Kraka DefenceLeafield Marine has an extensive background in military-grade equipment. Our specialists are happy to discuss your requirements to find you an optimum, custom solution. We have designed systems for use on quick response rescue crafts and various other boats for commercial and defence use. This includes a craft for use in helicopter airdrops and submersed deployment.