Everything You Need To Know About Leafield Marine’s Gas Inlet Valves



As a design engineer for inflatable vessels used on open water, you know that when it comes to product quality and safety, every detail matters. This applies to all marine inflation systems down to their smallest component, such as gas inlet valves (GIVs).

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These small components play a critical role in different marine applications, such as life rafts and inflatable boats, as well as in rescue and defence settings, since they’re also used in lifting bags, fire boats, inflatable hospitals, etc.

What Is The Purpose Of Gas Inlet Valves?

Gas inlet valves allow gases to safely and efficiently enter an inflatable structure. They are clamped into the fabric of the structure and control the gas flow into it. In the case of marine and rescue devices, these valves allow for the rapid deployment of a raft or similar unit, since they allow gas to pass from the hose and into the structure at a high flow rate.

What Are The Different Types Of Gas Inlet Valves?

Gas inlet valves are classified into different types depending on the sector and applications they are meant be used in. Leafield Marine supply two main types: GIV and GIVT.

1) GIV

A GIV is designed to be securely clamped onto the fabric of an inflatable structure. With a GIV in place, high pressure gas can flow securely at a steady pace between the cylinder valve (which is part of the inflation system) and the structure, via dedicated hoses.

GIVs manufactured by Leafield Marine offer several advantages.

  • They are designed to keep ice formation at a minimum, which contributes to the smooth functioning of the system.
  • They feature a no-return valve, which eliminates the risk of pressure loss once the structure is inflated, therefore acting as a security system.
  • Our GIVs come in various jet sizes so that you always get a perfect match between the flow and the structure. Our team are happy to assist you in selecting the correct size for your product design.
  • They can be securely clamped into a wide range of fabrics quickly and easily.

We currently supply two types of GIV: the Banjo version, suitable for 14mm bore hose fittings; and the 3/8 version, for flat faced hoses. You can find more details and instructions here.

2) GIVT Valves

GIVTs are similar to GIVs in terms of design and jet size availability, with the main difference being that a high-pressure hose can be quickly attached without additional tools. The additional characteristics of our GIVTs include:

  • They come with a built-in swivel joint that allows the hose to move while the structure is being inflated.
  • They can be used with cylinders with a test pressure of up to 450 bar.
  • Jets can be quickly aligned from outside the tube.

Our GIVTs are available in nickel-plated and brass un-plated versions, and we also provide connector nuts and other accessories that you may require.

Next Steps

To find out more about our Gas Inflation Systems and their applications in your life raft or inflatable product, please get in touch with our service team today.