Inflatable Advertising: Why Use Leafield Marine Valves?


Tectoniks Advertising


(Image from Tectoniks)

The world of inflatable advertising is bigger than you might think. Many companies use fun and creative products to promote their goods in a unique way. Leafield Marine work with several companies who manufacture these devices, from small archways to large scale replicas and structures. Our products are ideal for these applications due to their design features.

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Small Profile

d7 inflation valve

Leafield’s valves are discreet. For example, many of our newest products have a small internal profile. This makes them ideal for promotional products as it allows them to easily attach to any size and shape inflatable. The short and smooth internal profile enables them to be fitted on small diameter tubes, increasing their applications.

Range of Colours 

D7 advertising

Our valves are available in a range of colours. They are most often seen in black or grey, but are also available in bright yellow and white. As a result, our products can perfectly match a unique design without standing out and distracting from the overall effect. This is key in the design of inflatable advertising products, as the look is highly important to success.

Discreet Cap

Leafield D7 Inflation / Deflation valve

Leafield caps are smooth and simple. They are attached by a strong retaining strap, which is hidden from view. Not only does this look better, but it prevents the strap from catching on other equipment. This gives a professional and high quality look to the product while prioritising safety.

Weather Resistant

Leafield A6 pressure relief valve

Leafield valves are designed for use in all environments. Therefore, we test all our valves in extreme temperatures. Our products work best between -30°c to +65°C. Our Pressure Relief Valves (PRV) prevent inflatables from building up too much air pressure by exposure to solar heat. The PRV will open if the device becomes over inflated and close when the specified pressure is restored. This prevents the structure from bursting due to pressure.


Leafield Marine’s valves have a number of features that make them ideal for use on inflatable advertising structures. Their small profile and aesthetic appeal make them the perfect fit for products that focus on visual design.


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