Oil Booms


oil boom


They may not be the first product people think of when it comes to air valves, but oil booms often use valves to boost performance.

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These devices are specialised items designed to stop oil spills from causing damage to the environment. They are floating barriers used to contain the spill and reduce the risk of pollution. Booms collect the spillage in thick layers to ease the clean-up process and stop the oil from spreading.

For practicality, booms are often inflatable. As a result, they are easy to move, assemble, and take apart when needed. Many countries have laws requiring oil booms to be available in case of a spill. Inflatable booms are particularly useful onboard boats with limited space. This is because they can be rolled flat when deflated, enabling compact storage.

It is important to get the boom inflated, and working as fast as possible, as quick control of a spill is key. This is where Leafield Marine’s valves are ideal. Our valves are reliable and consistent, which is why they are used in oil booms. We design inflation systems for rapid deployment, allowing a quick response time to crises. Leafield Marine’s products are fully tested during production, to make sure they work in various environments and conditions.

B10 Pressure Relief Valve

B10 Pressure relief valve

We recommend using the B10 PRV on oil booms. This is an updated version of the A10B shown on the boom in the image above, offering higher flow and a much smoother external profile. The B10 is well established as the market leading PRV for SOLAS life-rafts and Marine Evacuation Systems. This valve is also ideal for applications such as lifting bags, oil booms and large inflatable structures where high flows are key. 

D7 Inflation/ Deflation Valve

d7 inflation valve

We recommend the Leafield Marine D7 Inflation/ Deflation Valve for a variety of structures. The D7 is a high performing, versatile valve. It is useful in oil booms due to its fast inflation and deflation times. This allows rapid deployment, reducing response time. The smooth cap also always for easy, snag-free storage.


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