Inflation Valve: Should I Choose The C7 or D7 For My Inflatable Boat?


inflation valve


In tough conditions, you need to be confident that your inflatable boat will maintain optimum air pressure. The Leafield C7 inflation deflation valve offers reliability and durability in demanding applications. Therefore, it is the first choice inflation valve for many military and commercial rigid inflatable boats (RIBs), inflatable boats, and river rafts.

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While the C7 inflation valve is still a popular choice in the luxury RIB market, it has now been superseded by the D7 inflation/deflation valve. The D7 inflation valve retains all the advantages of the C7, with additional features that make it more suitable in some situations.


What Are The Benefits Of The D7 Valve?

The D7 inflation deflation valve offers several advantages:

  • Rapid inflation/deflation: Compared to the C7, inflation and deflation times are improved. It also has a better clamping method and an O-ring seal to decrease the chance of lateral leaks in the fabric.
  • Shorter internal profile: The D7 has a shorter, smoother internal profile. Therefore, it is more suited to small diameter tubes, such as those found in inflatable kayak floors.
  • Integral Mesh available for valve nut, stops drop threads from entering the valve seal.


Both valves feature:

  • Acetal (POM) plastic components: Combining excellent strength with resistance to chemicals, ozone, and shock.
  • Intelligent cap design: Once the cap is fitted, the retaining strap is concealed to prevent it from becoming snagged on equipment, giving a smooth profile.


Should I Choose The C7 or D7 Inflation Deflation Valve For My Rigid Inflatable Boat?

Both the C7 and its D7 successor are good choices for your RIB. While the D7 is a more up-to-date model, with some additional benefits, the C7 will never let you down. The prime consideration is whether you require the extra features of the D7. If you need professional advice from a specialist designer of inflation/deflation valves, please contact Leafield Marine today on 01225 899550.