Solar Energy


Solar energy


At Leafield Marine, we’re trying hard to be more environmentally conscious. That’s why we have recently installed solar panels at our factory facility in the UK.

We know the damaging impact that climate change is having on our environment and as a result, we wanted to find a sustainable way to reduce our carbon footprint.

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Why Use Solar Panels?

There are a number of significant benefits to using solar energy. Firstly, this is far better for the environment. There are very few carbon emissions in comparison to standard forms of energy. In fact, there is no pollution from solar power, other than what is generated during the production of the panels. This is great news as pollution is one of the biggest global killers. Additionally, this is the most sustainable way to produce electricity! Solar is the most abundant energy resource available to us. One hour of sunlight is enough to power the whole Earth for a year.

A further benefit for us in the UK is that the panels do not require direct sunlight to produce energy! This means we can still produce a level of solar energy on the cloudy grey days.


Leafield Marine are feeling positive about investing this step to start reducing our carbon emissions and become a greener company. We hope we can continue this process in the future.

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