Why Use A Self Righting Bag?


self righting bag


A self-righting bag, or self-righting system, is an inflatable safety device frequently fitted to the stern of Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs). They are most commonly seen on SOLAS rescue boats, lifeboats, and commercial RIBs. The devices are seen as a key safeguard in case the craft capsizes. These systems have been proven to save lives at sea.

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How Self-Righting Bags Work

The bag is attached to a stainless-steel A-frame above the outboard motor on the stern of the boat and is connected to a pressurised CO2 canister by means of a hose assembly and a series of inflation/deflation and pressure relief valves.

If the boat capsizes, a Leafield Marine gas inflation system inflates the bag with CO2. As the gas is lighter than the surrounding water and air, the bag will immediately rise to the surface, righting the boat in the process. This enables the passengers to reboard swiftly.

For the bag to successfully counteract the weight of the capsized boat, the size and capacity of the bag must be carefully matched to the size, occupancy, and weight of the vessel. Depending on the size of the bag, inflation takes 10 to 20 seconds. Our team works closely with you to ensure the system works optimally with your boat design.

Self-righting bags prevent the potentially life-threatening situation of people being trapped beneath an inflatable craft in rough weather, allowing them to quickly reach safety. Once inflated, a self-righting bag prevents the vessel from fully capsizing again should further turbulence be encountered.

Self-righting bags are made from heavy-duty polymer/neoprene-coated fabric. Therefore, they are designed to withstand ultraviolet rays, saltwater, exposure to engine oil, and extreme changes of temperature. It is vital that the highest quality materials are used to ensure safety in potentially life-threatening situations. After use, the bag can be deflated and packed away again for reuse.

The Different Systems

Leafield Marine offers two types of inflation systems for self-righting bags.

Manual systems activate upon a pull cord. No matter the strength of the pull, the system will deploy at full speed.

Water activated inflation systems will deploy automatically upon submersion in water. These systems are ideal as safety devices.

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Self-righting bags are an important safety device for various types of boats at sea. We work with self-righting system manufacturers to provide design support and inflation systems. Our engineers can help to specify the appropriate equipment and parts for the needs of your craft and its operators. We also supply a range of hoses, fittings, and valves for safe operation and activation.

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