5 Benefits of High-Pressure Hose Assembly


High-Pressure Hose Assembly


The high-pressure hose products sold by Leafield Marine have been manufactured to fulfil the demands required of marine inflation technology.

We manufacture our own hoses on-site to fit customer specifications. These can be made to any size requested.

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Leafield Marine have a selection of fittings available to connect our hoses into Leafield inflation systems such as self-righting bags and gas inflation technology designed for boats and life-rafts.

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Our high-pressure hose assembly have many benefits due to their careful design and strict manufacturing process. Below are 5 of the key advantages:

1) Flexible and Lightweight

It is vital that hoses and their components are both flexible and lightweight in order to be suitable for use in life rafts, RIBs, and all inflation systems. This allows the entire system to remain compact so it can easily be packed into small containers, without the weight and shape impacting the functioning of the structure.

2) Good Performance at Low Temperatures

A notable advantage of the high-pressure hose assembly from Leafield is that they can operate at -35°c to + 65°c. Leafield Marine hoses have a wide range of operating temperatures, as required for SOLAS approval.  This ensures the hoses can cope in the extreme conditions of the marine environment.

3) Hose Materials Are Resistant To Fuel, UV and Oil

It is important that hose materials can withstand the stresses and strains of regular use in any application. Products used in marine environments, particularly emergency situations, must be capable of functioning after exposure to various substances. For example, it is key that life-rafts are particularly hard-wearing against damaging chemicals. Our hoses are highly resistant to fuel, UV, and oil, ensuring they continue to operate optimally in these conditions.

4) Each Hose Is fully Tested

At Leafield Marine, we take great pride in our certifications, gained through quality design and strict testing procedures. Our team pressure-proof test every single hose before it leaves the factory. We have specially designed machinery to assess our hose functioning and their ability to cope with high pressures. The hoses are approved by SOLAS to both ISO 9650 and ISO 15738 demonstrating their capabilities.

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5) Resistance To Corrosion

Our standard zinc nickel plated hose assemblies have good resistance to saltwater corrosion, essential for use in marine environments. Leafield Marine additionally supply stainless steel versions of these products. These are ideal for use when prolonged exposure to sea water or particularly harsh conditions occurs.

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Leafield Marine’s high-pressure hose assembly are specially designed for use in intense marine environments. They are made with strong, yet lightweight and flexible materials. If you require further information on our hoses and accompanying products, please contact our technical sales team today.