Ultimate Guide to Air Valves for Commercial RIBs


boat with valves for commercial RIB


Leafield Marine work with manufacturers of all types of RIB and inflatable boats. However, our products are highly popular with designers of commercial RIBs due to their reliability. Customers often use these RIBs in high risk situations. Therefore, it is vital that they remain stable in all conditions. RIBs need several types of valves in order to function optimally. You can further enhance their performance by fitting additional products. For a commercial RIB, you want to fit it with the most advanced equipment possible. Below we have listed the key valves for commercial RIBs:


D7 Valve

inflation valves for commercial RIB

Inflation valves are the key on any type of inflatable. Our D7 Inflation/ Deflation Valve is our most recent inflation valve. Manufacturers of many different types of inflatable structures use the D7 on their products. It has a small profile and is highly reliable, which makes it very versatile. That is why we suggest it to such a wide range of customers. However, the D7 is ideal for use on commercial RIBs due to its military grade design. We make these valves using ACETAL plastics, which are known for their strength and longevity. As a result, you can trust they will function in all conditions.

A6 Pressure Relief Valve

Leafield A6 pressure relief valve

A pressure relief valve (prv) is highly useful on any inflatable structure, especially on a RIB. When a RIB is exposed to solar heat for a prolonged period of time, the pressure inside it increases. This can lead to over-inflation, which can cause damage to the structure. This has the potential to become dangerous for people on the boat or nearby. Our A6 PRV is our top recommendation for commercial RIBs due to its small size and high reliability.


Snap fit connector

Leafield Marine’s patented Switchable Transfer Valve is ideal for commercial or military RIBs. The transfer valve is designed to join the chambers of an inflatable boat to create a single point of inflation. This rapidly speeds up the processes of inflation and deflation. Therefore, the STV is suggested for use when a quick response time is needed. The valve can be easily opened and closed by rotating the control switch to connect or disconnect the chambers.

Self-Righting System

A self-righting system is a safety device that is often fitted on commercial and rescue crafts. It inflates in order to re-right a capsized boat and can be life-saving in an emergency. Leafield design systems for both manual and automatic inflation. Self righting bags are a valuable precautionary product, used widely on SOLAS approved crafts. They prevent passengers and crew from becoming trapped under an upturned boat.


Why Choose Leafield Valves For Commercial RIBs?



Leafield Marine’s air valves are ideal for use in high pressure applications, such as commercial RIBs.

One of the key reasons you should choose Leafield Marine is due to the quality of the materials used in the manufacturing process. We make all our products with military-grade materials. This ensures they will function well in tough environments. Our team use acetal plastic in the design to give the valves high strength and stability.

Furthermore, we put our products through rigorous testing procedures to ensure they are reliable no matter what. In commercial settings, reliability in tough conditions is crucial.

Our team are experts in the process of gaining the needed approvals and certifications for different product applications. We have many SOLAS, PED, and other approvals. In addition to this, NATO have given a number of our products stock numbers, demonstrating their strength and quality. If there are specific approvals you need, we can help with this.


Do you need help navigating our valves for commercial RIBs? Our team of expert engineers are happy to provide help and advice. Get in touch today to find out what we can do for you.