Switchable Transfer Valve

  • Intercommunicating valve linking adjoining tubes or chambers.
  • Provides a single point inflation for all chambers of the structure.
  • A quarter turn, to switch from open to closed.
  • High flow between chambers during inflation and deflation.
  • Maintenance free.
  • High tolerance to debris. 
  • Robust and leak tight.
  • Operational temperature range of -30°c to +65°C
  • Clamps into fabric of chamber and internal baffle.

Product Description

The patented Switchable Transfer Valve provides an internal link between adjoining chambers of an inflatable boat providing a single point of inflation.  It can be easily opened and closed to connect the chambers by rotating a control switch.

The control switch is fitted on the outside of the tube in a position to suit the user.  It has markings to show if it is open or closed. Also, the user can check if the STV switch is open or closed by the shape of the cap i.e.by touch alone.   The opposite end of the STV hose locates onto the internal baffle of the boat tube, using our Snap Fit Connector.

The Valve provides a high flow with a clear 24mm diameter aperture between chambers to provide rapid inflation.

Installation of the Valve is straightforward by clamping onto the fabric.  It is suitable for use with a wide range of fabrics.  The Valve assembly is flexible to help reduce the packed size of the deflated boat.

The valve is made from marine grade acetyl plastics and the internal switch is made from stainless steel, reducing the risk of corrosion.

There is no need for routine maintenance due to the design and the materials used.

Hose length – standard length is 700mm but for specialist projects longer hoses are available – please contact Leafield Marine for further information.

For other valves used alongside the Switchable Transfer Valve, please see D7 Inflation/Deflation Valve (for topping up function) and A6 Pressure Relief Valve.

Information Sheets

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To view these please use Adobe Reader.

Accessories and Service Tools

service tools

Bottom Spanner - TM2737

  • Used to unscrew and then retighten the Switch Housing into the boat material during installation of the STV valve.  Used with a torque wrench.

service tools

Clamp Block - TM3089

  • STV Body Clamp Block:  Can be bench or floor mounted, to allow installation of the STV valve into a flat panel before the boat chambers are sealed.

service tools

C Spanner – 19379

  • Used to hold the STV valve at the correct orientation when securing the Switch Housing with a torque wrench.

service tools

Top Spanner - TM2582

  • Used to install the Snap Fit Connector onto the tube’s internal baffle. Used with a torque wrench. 

service tools

Snap Fit Baffle Connector Tool - TM2747

  • Allows the removal of the STV Snap Fit Connector from the tube baffle.