Hoses for Inflatable Structures




Hoses are an important part of any gas inflation system. It is vital that they fit the product requirements and cope in challenging environments. Although we are most commonly known for our valves, we take pride in ensuring our hoses are equally safe and consistent.

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They are approved by the International Convention for the Safety Of Life At Sea, 1974 to standards ISO 9650 and ISO 15738. Each hose we make has quality low temperature performance. They are also resistant to oil, fuel, ozone, and UV. Importantly, the material used is flame retardant. Our hoses are lightweight and flexible. Therefore, they are ideal for inflatable structures.

As is standard with all our products, we test each hose before shipping. This prevents any leaks or faults from leaving our factory.


At Leafield Marine, we custom make hoses of any length to order. This ensures they perfectly fit product specifications.

In the last year we have shipped, 89,000 meters worth of hoses. (That’s nearly 270 Eiffel towers)

On average, our team ship 10,000 hoses every month.

Leafield Marine are happy to help with any hose requirements you may have.


We produce a selection of hose fittings for different applications. These include life raft inflation systems, RIBs, and boats. If you need help finding the right attachment for you, our team can assist you at [email protected]