How Leafield Marine can help you simplify your manufacturing process



Whether you are a large-scale worldwide business or a new start up, the manufacturing process is a vital area of a business. Every element of a product can have a significant impact on the assembly and functioning of that product.

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The Fitting Process

At Leafield Marine we have designed our products with this in mind. Our standard valves have a simple clamp fitting rather than the welding or gluing techniques that are used by the majority of designers. We have found that this significantly reduces the resources needed, as well as the time dedication needed to install a valve. Obviously, this can greatly benefit the company and reduce manufacturing costs.

The clamp fitting is designed to allow fast and secure installation into a variety of different fabrics.

Key Features

D7 dropstitch

At Leafield Marine we are always striving to improve our products and the experience of our customers. Therefore, we listen to the issues manufacturers face and implement upgrades to our valve design to address these.

For example, our D7 inflation valve has an improved clamping method in comparison to its predecessor. It now features an O ring seal in the valve core in order to reduce the risk of lateral leaks in the fabric.

Additionally, our drop stitch range of air valves feature internal mesh filters. Not only do these reduce the risk of leaks in the valves, but they also increase the ease of fitting. Fitting valves into drop stitch material can be difficult for manufactures as the threads get in the way and result in leaks. Leafield Marine decided to make this process easier by providing valves that were manufactured with internal mesh filters. This allows manufacturers to spend less time on the manufacturing process, reducing their cost significantly.

These are just some of the ways in which we amend our products to ease the installation process.

Adjustments and maintenance

Repairing valve

The simple fitting process provides the added benefit of simple adjustments and maintenance. At Leafield Marine we offer multi-purpose spanners, which can be used with our C7, D7, A6, and A9 air valves. This simple tool can be used on both an inflation valve and a pressure relief valve (PRV). The small and lightweight tool means that simple adjustments, such as tightening the valve, can be made by the product user or the manufacturing team at any time. Therefore, less time is spent on adjustments and repairs. Additionally, this prevents customers from returning their products for simple valve adjustments.


As manufacturers ourselves, we know the difference a small component can make to the process. A simplified and efficient manufacturing processes can have a wide impact on the business. To find out more about how Leafield Marine can simplify your manufacturing process, contact us today!