How Leafield Marine Prevent Product Supply Issues


pressure gauge product supply


The world has been through a lot over the past few years. As a result, many companies suffered product supply issues. Despite this, Leafield Marine continued to operate and provide our customers with the vital components they required. This was key as many of our customers manufacture lifesaving equipment. In cases such as these, hold ups could be serious. Even in non critical applications, delivering products on time is key to a business’s functioning.

Below, we have listed how we are able to provide consistent product supply.

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Investing in Stock

At Leafield Marine, we invest in materials and stock. As a result, we always have a level of stock in our warehouse. This allows us to manufacture orders quickly and efficiently for our customers.

Manufacturing Our Products Independently in House

Leafield Marine are a UK company and manufacturer, operating out of a factory in rural Wiltshire. Our team manufacture our products in-house. This reduces the product chain, making it less likely that issues and hold-ups will occur.

Although we keep some of our products on stock, many of our products are made to order. Our factory team is highly efficient, ensuring that product manufacturing is completed to our high standards but in a timely manner. Consequently we prevent supply issues and are able to be sure of the quality of our products, which is a high priority for us.

Experts In Shipping and Exporting

Our team are experts in shipping and exporting our products all over the world. We export over 80% of our products and have customers in over 60 different countries. Our impressive experience in this area means there is little that our team have not faced. We were able to continue our shipments throughout Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, we can offer smooth and simple shipping to anywhere in the world.

Leafield Marine are dedicated to supplying high quality products with consistent lead times and excellent customer service. Our production and shipping process is a great advantage to our customers in potentially uncertain times.