Why Having The ISO 9001 Certification Is A Vital Part Of Leafield Marine’s Valve Designs



At Leafield Marine, we are proud to hold the ISO 9001 certification for Quality Assurance. While this relates to general processes and standards rather than engineering practices, when it comes to our products, it still plays a vital role in each of our valve designs.

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The ISO 9001 certification was created by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to provide universal quality management standards among businesses throughout the world, working in widely diverse sectors. Currently, the accreditation path is open to all companies irrespective of size, location, or industry sector.

Certificate Or Accreditation?

An ISO 9001 certificate is not technically an accreditation but is a recognition that the business meets or exceeds certain core principles in service delivery and quality assurance. Businesses first need to put the changes in place to reflect the ISO 9001 standards in their systems and processes, and can then request an audit by an independent third party inspector. The certificate is issued once the business has demonstrated they meet all the required criteria need to consistently deliver high-quality products and services.

Why ISO 9001 Matters In Inflatable Valve Design

The ISO 9001 standards impact every aspect of service delivery, from valve design and production to the way businesses deliver customer service and aftersales care. The standards prove that our manufacturing methods ensure a high-quality outcome for the customer.

Safety And Compliance

The ISO 9001 certification is granted to companies that demonstrate that their processes are in line with internationally-recognised regulatory and statutory requirements. This means that an accredited business takes compliance seriously, which is vital when it comes to manufacturing valves that contribute to the safety of a product. Our ISO 9001 certificate gives customers confidence that our valves meet market leading quality standards wherever in the world they are used.

A Customer-Centric Approach

ISO 9001 is strongly customer centric, as the standards require companies to demonstrate they prioritise customer satisfaction when identifying and meeting client needs. More importantly, accreditation comes with the requirement of continuous improvement in this respect. This demonstrates that our valve designs are relationship-driven in all interactions with existing and potential customers, and reflect the genuine needs of the inflatable structures industry.

A Commitment To Quality

Getting certified to ISO 9001 standards is not mandatory, and it’s not particularly fast or cheap either. Companies that voluntarily choose to get certified are differentiating themselves from other businesses, making a statement about their commitment to quality standards. As a component manufacturer, this gives our customers peace of mind about the reliability of our valves in their products, and marks us as a value-driven supplier that puts our customer’s applications at centre stage of every design consideration.

Leafield Marine, An ISO 9001 Certified Inflatable Valve Manufacturer

All production and design processes are completed to Quality Standard ISO 9001, with a focus on safety, compliance, quality, and customer satisfaction at every stage. As such, we thoroughly test all Inflatable Valve Types during the design implementation stage, with an emphasis on dependability and durability. This helps us ensure that our customers’ needs are met and that they always have a positive experience.

In addition, we meet the following standards:

  • PED and PE(S)R, specific to the design and manufacture of pressure equipment, like marine valves.
  • SOLAS, which concerns international safety standards for vessels.

To find out more about our safety standards and accreditations, read our blog post on the topic here – Certifications & Approvals (leafieldmarine.com)

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