Gas Inflation System (GIST Type)

  • Compact, rugged and extremely reliable.
  • Twin outlet.
  • Fast consistent inflation times.
  • ISO 15738 approved for SOLAS use on life-rafts.
  • ISO 9650 approved for leisure life-rafts.
  • Approved to European Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU.
  • CE standard Burst Disc fitted to prevent excessive pressure in cylinder.
  • Operate using using CO2, CO2/Nitrogen, Air, and Nitrogen.
  • Versions available for use on cylinders up to 300 bar test pressure.
  • Activation load between 80 to 110 newtons.
  • Full activation regardless of painter/lanyard pull speed.
  • These are safety critical assemblies and must only be installed and serviced in accordance with Leafield Marine Ltd instructions.

Product Description

The GIST system, with its patented torsional operation, was developed by Leafield Marine to provide a compact and cost-effective system. Further savings in weight and fitting time have been achieved by integrating the hose and inlet valve designs, also manufactured by Leafield Marine.

This system is widely used in the leisure life-raft market due to its small size and is also used on the largest SOLAS life rafts due to its high flow and ruggedness. There are currently over 250,000 systems in use worldwide.

Due to the safety critical nature of this product and number of variants available, we suggest that you contact Leafield Marine directly to discuss your specific needs.

Please see Gas Inlet Valves and Hoses for use with this GIST system.

For Inflation systems for use with complex Marine Evacuation Systems, other multi cylinder applications and Self-Righting bags please see Gas Inflation System (GIS).

For tools and spare parts, please contact Leafield Marine Ltd.

Accessories and Service Tools

service tools

GIST Filling Tool

  • To fit, lift and close Break Stem Seal assembly during cylinder filling.
  • Part Number: 03240FTA

service tools

Filler Bung

  • Used for sealing off secondary port during filling.
  • Part Number: 0335000

service tools

Transit Plug

  • Fitted to Cylinder Valve for safety and balance if charged cylinder is accidentally discharged prior to coupling to the hose.
  • Part Number: 19334

service tools

Loading Tool

  • For Loading of GIST Operating Head (03010OHT)
  • Part Number: 17854

service tools

Crowsfoot Spanner

  • For installing the cylinder valve.
  • Part Number: TM3067

service tools

Quick Connect Coupling

  • Connects Inlet Valve (GIVT) to Cylinder Valve (GIST) instead of a hose.
  • Part Number: 18442

service tools

Filling Adaptor

  • M16 x 1.5 into 3/8” Male Flat Face
  • Part Number: 0617000

service tools

Filling Adaptor

  • M16 x 1.5 to 0.860″ Whitworth
  • Part Number: 0333000