Gas Inflation System (GIS Type)

  • Extremely reliable and rugged.
  • Fast consistent inflation times.
  • ISO 15738 approved for SOLAS use on life-rafts.
  • Approved to European Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU.
  • CE standard safety Burst Disc fitted to prevent excessive pressure in cylinder.
  • Operate using CO2, CO2/Nitrogen, air, and Nitrogen.
  • Versions available for use on cylinders up to 450 bar test pressure.
  • Activation load between 60 to 100 newtons.
  • Full activation regardless of painter/lanyard pull speed.
  • Available with internal or external over pressure venting.
  • Available with pressure gauge.
  • Water activated version available.
  • Servo system available to allow multiple cylinder firing.
  • These are safety critical high-pressure gas systems and must only be installed and serviced by qualified personnel, in accordance with Leafield Marine Ltd instructions.

Product Description

This is the original system developed by Leafield Marine and was introduced in 1992. It is well proven with over 250,000 manufactured and is used by some of the world’s leading life raft manufacturers on their SOLAS life-rafts. Typical uses include SOLAS life-rafts, Marine Evacuation Systems, RIB self-righting bags and buoyancy bag inflation.

This system is ideal for use with complex Marine Evacuation Systems and other multi cylinder applications. Versions are also available with a pressure gauge/water activation/electrical activation/servo system.

The GIS system uses a patented cutter system to ensure consistent, rapid inflation times, even on the largest life rafts.

Due to the safety critical nature of this product and number of variants available, we suggest that you contact Leafield Marine directly to discuss your specific needs.

Please see Gas Inlet Valves and Hoses for use with this GIS system.

For single cylinder inflation systems, please see our compact Gas Inflation System Torsional (GIST type).

For tools and spare parts, please contact Leafield Marine Ltd.

Accessories and Service Tools

service tools

Nitrogen valve with gauge

  • This variant provides accurate indication of cylinder pressure and can be supplied with internal or external over pressure venting.

service tools

High energy operating head

  • Designed for use on systems fitted to cylinders of 300 bar and above.

service tools

Gas Inflation Servo System

  • This unit replaces the standard operating head and combined with a servo adaptor and Hoses allows up to four cylinders to be fired from one manual Operating Head.

service tools

Water activated Gas Inflation System

  • This unit can be used to fire a Servo System when immersed in water. This is particularly useful on items such as self-righting bags and built-in buoyancy systems.

service tools

Electrically Operated Gas Inflation System

  • This unit can be used to fire the Inflation System using an electrical signal.