Reasons Why You Should Choose Leafield Marine As Your Air Valve Supplier


Air Valve Supplier


At Leafield Marine, we manufacture and design air valves for inflatable products. Our company first began to design and produce air valves in the mid 1960s. Since then, our product range has expanded to encompass leisure, professional and commercial applications. We serve numerous leading companies in these sectors.

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Leafield Marine occupies modern premises in rural Wiltshire.- with on-site production and design facilities. Presently, we export more than eighty percent of our products outside the UK, with customers in more than sixty countries. Over the years, we have forged a reputation for design innovation and customer support, and pride ourselves on our technical expertise. Boat designers can access technical advice easily, from expert on-site Engineering and Quality teams, to determine which products are most suited to their requirements. Our seasoned team of designers use advanced 3D CAD technology, along with rapid prototyping and FEA during the development phase. Ongoing advice is available as well.

Our Markets

As an Air Valve Supplier, we supply pressure relief and inflation/deflation valves for inflatable kayaks, iSUPs and river rafts, RIBs and leisure boats. These high-quality products are used by leading inflatable manufacturers, due to their toughness and dependability. We also supply valves and inflation systems including bespoke products for various life raft manufacturers too. All of these products pass numerous quality inspections.

Recent Product Developments

Two recent examples of products developed by Leafield Marine are the A9 Pressure Air Valve, and the D7 Drop-stitch Inflation/Deflation Valve. The A9 is an ideal air pressure relief valve to use when size limitations and reliability are primary concerns. This is because it is durable and compact. The A9 is suitable for high-pressure products, like paddle boards or inflatable military/commercial/leisure boats that use drop-stitch material. The D7 valve has an internal mesh filter, perfect for use with drop-stitch materials such as those on raft floors and iSUPs. This is one of the best air valves boat designers can use for demanding applications, like inflatable boats, river rafts and military/commercial RIBs. 

Leafield Marine Customisation Options

D7 customisation

The sleek valves from Leafield Marine are available in several colours, and our valve caps can be custom-made to feature company branding. The A9 and D7 core, for example, are available in black or grey. The caps for the D7 are available in black, grey, yellow, or white.

ISO 9001 Quality Standards

For dependable, consistent performance in vital applications, Leafield Marine completes all production and design to Quality Standard ISO 9001:2015 criteria. Many products are manufactured to meet PED, PE(S)R and SOLAS standards as well. 

We are proud to have been assigned Approved Exporter Status, to facilitate trade with countries signed up to free-trade deals, including the EU. 

Next Steps

We review and expand our range of products regularly, so if you are looking for a specific air valve price, please get in touch with our technical sales team today.