How Leafield’s Air Valves Help You Stand Out From The Competition



Whether you’re manufacturing RIBs, SUPs, or inflatable buildings, you want your products to stand out from the rest. Leafield Marine manufacture a wide selection of air valves and accessories to enhance your product design. We design our inflation valves and pressure relief valves (PRV) with number of key features to make your products to stand out from the competition. Below we have listed 3 of these features:

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Reliable Performance

leisure liferaft

The main stand out feature we provide is performance reliability. We design our valves to perform in all conditions, and to last over time. We manufacture using premium quality acetal materials. As a result, they need little maintenance work and are often used on emergency and military crafts. This is a great testament to their quality. Our reliability is further proved by our many product certifications and approvals. 

All Leafield Marine air valves are individually pressure tested before they leave our factory. Leaky or faulty valves can have a devastating effect on an inflatable product and lead to unhappy customers. On the other hand, consistent performance can enhance your company’s reputation and help your products to stand out.


Sleek Finish

stand out with customised valves

Leafield Marine can further enhance your product by providing a sleek design. Unlike many air valves, the products that Leafield design and manufacture have a sleek and stylish finish. We designed our valves to blend in with the products they are fitted on. That is why we offer a smooth cap with a hidden retaining strap. The strap is stronger than the common string used and is hidden to create a smooth look and prevent it from snagging of other equipment. We prefer a plastic and hidden retaining strap as a string one often doesn’t last, particularly after exposure to UV rays and salt water.

We offer multiple colour options to add to this sleek finish. This helps the valve to blend with the rest of the product and creates a high-end look. Our customisation option is an extra way to differentiate your product from your competition.


Constant Innovation

switchable transfer valve

Finally, Leafield Marine are constantly creating new, innovative products that will enhance your product design and make them stand out. This allows you to offer additional unique features to your customers. This may be faster or easier inflation, a more compact design, or completely new products.

For example, Leafield Marine created the Switchable Transfer Valve (STV). This product allows for faster an easier inflation by connecting the internal chambers of an inflatable boat. As a result, users can inflate the boat through a single point of inflation.

At Leafield Marine, we are always aiming to improve our products and make advancements in the world of inflatables. We recently assisted in the design and implementation of an inflation system for the world’s largest inflatable lifeboat. You can find out more about that here. As shown here, we can work with you to design valves and systems that will optimise the performance of your product.


Stand Out with Leafield Marine

Leafield Marine design products to enhance the products they are used on. We focus on quality at every stage of the product design and construction. Our design team is always striving to improve performance and style. That is why we are known as world leaders in the design of air valves and inflation systems. The addition of Leafield Marine valves can help your product to stand out from those of your competitors.