The Leafield D7 Series: The Key Differences Between a Standard D7 Valve and a Drop stitch D7 Valve



Leafield Marine design, manufacture, and supply a range of inflatable valve types for inflatable structures, including life rafts, Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs), river rafts, and inflatable buildings.


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The Leafield Marine D7 Valve Series

Our D7 Series of inflation/deflation valves includes two variants – the Standard D7 Valve and the Drop Stitch D7 Valve – each specifically designed to withstand the pressures of challenging environments. 

Constructed from ACETAL engineering plastic, they both offer a lifespan of 15+ years, excellent dimensional stability, and good chemical and ultraviolet (UV) resistance. They also have NATO stock allocations, classifying them as standardised material items of supply for the military.

Features Of The D7 valve series

Both the Standard D7 Valve and the Drop Stitch D7 Valve include the following features:

  • High flow for size
  • Low profile (50mm height)
  • Core can be removed for cleaning
  • Smooth snag-free cap
  • 100 percent tested in production
  • Cap functions as secondary seal
  • High-quality, durable ACETAL materials for excellent resilience and wear
  • Improved clamping method and O ring seal to minimise the risk of lateral leaks

How Is The Drop Stitch D7 Valve Different?

If you are looking for a valve that is suited for use with high-pressure drop stitch fabric, the Drop Stitch D7 Valve is an excellent choice.

The Drop Stitch D7 Valve retains all the features and benefits of the Standard D7 but incorporates an internal mesh filter that prevents drop stitch threads or debris from entering the valve seal. This reduces the chance of leaks from occurring and improves the likelihood of consistently high performance. Additionally, it eases the valve fitting process, which can be complex for drop stitch products. 

The Drop Stitch D7 Valve, is suitable for:

  • Paddle boards
  • Watersports equipment
  • Rescue platforms
  • Commercial and military applications, including boat flooring and combat craft
  • Any high-pressure or drop stitch inflatable product

When selecting between the two D7 options, the key consideration is the construction of your product and materials used. 

Whether you choose the Leafield D7 Valve or the Drop Stitch D7 Valve, your chosen product will deliver excellent reliability, quick and simple installation, and high-performance operation.

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