Ultimate Guide to Paddleboard Valves


Inflation / Deflation Valve


Paddle boarding has become incredibly popular in recent years. Many members of the Leafield Marine team have given it a go! However, with so many options available, it can be difficult as a designer to know which air valves you need. To help you with this, we have created our ultimate guide to paddleboard valves.

Inflatable paddleboards are almost always made using drop stitch material. You can find out more about what drop stitch is here. Leafield Marine have designed a new range of paddleboard valves to accommodate this unique product. You can find out more about our inflatable valve types below:

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Drop Stitch D7:


inflation/deflation valves

A good quality inflation valve is essential on an paddleboard. Recreational users often use a manual pump for their SUP. Therefore, fitting an inflation valve that maintains as much air as possible is key. Our drop stitch D7 uses a screw-in hose fitting (we can supply a bayonet adaptor upon request), which is more secure than most fittings. This prevents the hose from falling out during inflation. The inflation valve also contains an internal spring. This is designed to automatically open the valve when the hose is inserted and close it when the hose is removed. As a result, no air pressure is lost upon removal of the hose.

The D7 inflation valve also features a mesh filter. This was designed specifically to combat the difficulties caused by drop stitch materials. The mesh prevents the threads from becoming caught in the valve seal and causing leaks in the product.

The customisation options available for the D7 make it ideal for use on SUPs. Many paddleboards feature unique and colourful designs. Therefore, an air valve that matches the colour theme is a nice addition to the product. Our D7 inflation valve caps are available in black, white, grey, and yellow. We can even add your unique logo or brand to the cap. If you have a customisation request, get in touch and we may be able to help. Our design team can provide mock-ups to ensure you’re happy with the design before the caps are put into production.

A9 Pressure Relief Valve:


A9 Pressure Relief Valve

Not all paddleboards have a pressure relief valve (PRV), or overpressure valve. However, they are highly useful on an inflatable SUP. When paddling on the water, the board is exposed to a large amount of solar heat. Furthermore, during periods of rest, many paddleboarders will leave their boards out in the sun. This can lead to an increase in air pressure inside the paddleboard, which can become dangerous. As pressure relief valve manufacturers, we have designed the A9 PRV specifically for paddleboards. This is due to its small profile (only 46mm in diameter) and its pressure capabilities. The valve is designed to accommodate much higher pressures than a standard pressure relief valve (up to 45psi). Like the D7, the A9 is fitted with mesh filters to ease the installation process and reduce the risk of leaks.

Paddleboard Valves

At Leafield Marine, we suggest that our drop stitch air valves be used on paddleboards. However, our standard inflation and pressure relief valves can also be used. Although they still function reliably, our standard valves may be more difficult to fit into a product with drop stitch fabric. Additionally, this may result in the end-user conducting more routine maintenance in order to prevent slow leaks from becoming an issue.

With paddleboarding becoming increasingly popular, manufacturers require new ways to make their boards stand out. Fitting high quality air valves, particularly a PRV, can enhance your product design add an additional benefit for customers.

If you have any queries about air valves for paddleboards, contact us today. Our team are happy to discuss solutions with you.