A9 Pressure Relief Valve

  • Compact size – 46mm diameter.
  • Designed for use with drop stitch fabrics up to 45psi.
  • A wide range of pressure settings from 10 to 45 psi (see selection chart).
  • Fast installation with clamp fitting – No welding or adhesive required.
  • Internal and external filters to stop drop stitch threads, sand and debris causing leaks.
  • –30ºC to +65 ºC operating temperature.
  • 100% tested for opening and closing pressures.
  • No routine maintenance required.

Product Description

The A9 is a compact and robust Pressure Relief Valve perfect for uses where reliability and smaller size are critical. The design makes it suitable for a wide range of high-pressure applications, such as paddle boards, leisure, military or commercial inflatable boats that use drop stitch fabric.

High quality materials are used in the A9 – impact and UV resistant acetal body, stainless steel spring and silicon seal to ensure a long life in tough conditions.

It can also be used in a range of different products and fabrics e.g. inflatable tents, inflatable walls, lifting bags, and crash barriers.

For inflation/deflation valves suitable for use in similar applications, please see D7 Inflation Deflation Valve Dropstitch.

Available in Grey and Black.


Accessories and Service Tools

service tools

D7/C7/A6/A9 Tool Kit Spanner – C166051

  • Small, low cost spanner for use in the field or as part of a spares kit.
  • For use on D7, C7 Valves and A6, A9 Pressure Relief Valves.
  • Cannot be used with a torque wrench.

service tools

A9 Factory Fitting Tools
Nut Spanner TM 3117
Body Spanner - TM 3088
Set - TM3120

  • Used together with a torque wrench. This will ensure that the correct tightening torque is applied every time when installing the valve.
  • Avoids damaging the valve during tightening.
  • Please refer to A9 Installation Sheet.