different types of pressure relief valves


At Leafield Marine, we have designed and manufactured various of different types of pressure relief valves (PRVs) since 1965.

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Today, as a supplier to global brands, we’re regarded as one of the leading pressure relief valve manufacturers. This is supported by our ISO 9001:2015 accreditation. We export to over 70 countries across the world as a result of our reputation for innovation, reliability, and responsiveness.

If you need different types of pressure relief valves for your inflatable boats, we can help. We supply a wide range of valves, for all products. These PRVs are used to protect inflatables from over-inflation:

1) B10 Valve

The B10 was created to replace our A10. As a result, it offers higher flow and a smoother external profile. It is well-established for SOLAS life rafts and marine evacuations systems. However, it is also suited to oil booms, lifting bags, and other large inflatable structures.

The B10 can be supplied as a non-return valve, with a nominal opening pressure of 0.25psi.

2) A6 Valve

The A6 is ideal in applications where compactness and reliability are essential. Consequently, it is the go-to choice for many life rafts, RIBs, and river rafts. The A6 is a useful in all applications due to its pre-set and repeatable opening & closing pressures.

3) A9 Valve

The A9 valve is made from high-quality, strong materials, resistant to the effects of UV and impacts. Therefore, it is ideal for high-pressure applications where reliability and compactness are crucial. While it is suitable for paddleboards and military or commercial inflatables that use drop stitch fabric, it can also be used in other applications, such as inflatable walls and tents, or crash barriers.

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