Why Choose Leafield Marine For Inflation And Deflation Valves For an iSUP?


Inflation / Deflation Valve


Paddle boarding is rapidly becoming the most popular outdoor water sport. This is partly due to more people enjoying outdoor sports since COVID-19. But why should you use Leafield Marine’s inflation and deflation valve for your iSUP?

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Leafield Marine has designed, manufactured, and sold thousands of specialist valves. We have a selection of inflation/deflation valves. One of which is specifically designed for drop stitch products. Drop stitch materials are used frequently on iSUPs (inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboards) due to their high strength.

Leafield Marine valves are manufactured from military grade materials and use the latest moulding technology. This gives our valves reliability and durability and ensures a quality product is fitted to your iSUP.

Our D7 drop-stitch inflation /deflation valve has an internal mesh filter to keep drop stitch threads away from the valve seal during installation. This results in faster, less labour-intensive work for the factory.

The valve is moulded from Acetal (POM) plastic parts, which have high strength and chemical and ozone resistance. The seal is designed to clean its surface as it operates. This reduces the risk of leaks due to dirt contamination.

The rugged and reliable D7 valve has a high flow for its size, which allows your iSUP to be inflated in minutes. This means you have more time for paddleboarding! Every valve is pressure tested before it leaves our factory to maintain consistency. The cap works as a second seal, has a smooth profile, and can feature your company logo.


Drop Stitch D7 Valve

An inflation/ deflation valve is a key part of an iSUP. Therefore, it is essential to use a high quality product so your customers get the best experience they can have.