Why Leafield Marine’s Valves Are Worth Choosing In The Long Run On Your Inflatable Boats




Inflatable boats are designed to be used in challenging, often hostile, environments. If the boat is unable to withstand the demands to which it is subjected, or crucial components fail during use, the consequences could be disastrous, with a real risk to the health and wellbeing of the boat’s passengers.


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If you’re planning to fit new valves to your inflatable boat or incorporate them into a new design, you need confidence that you’re investing in a high-quality, durable product that will function consistently, even in challenging circumstances. At Leafield Marine, we stock a comprehensive range of inflatable boat valves for life rafts, river rafts, and marine evacuation systems. But what makes us different from our competitors?

1) Superior Quality

We don’t claim to stock the cheapest air valves and we recognise there will be less expensive products for sale elsewhere. However, cheap valves are unlikely to deliver the consistent performance that you need and will be prone to premature failure – costing you more in the long run and potentially putting lives in danger. Our valve design and manufacturing process is in line with ISO 9001 quality standards and guaranteed to offer exceptional performance in demanding situations. Furthermore, our valves are from high quality materials, including acetal plastic, which guarantees a long service life with minimal maintenance required. 

2) A broad Choice

Purchasing the most suitable valve for your inflatable boats is important to ensure you don’t invest in a substandard or inappropriate product. At Leafield Marine, we offer an extensive range of inflatable valve types and we take the time to find out more about your needs, for a personalised solution suited to your application. We have a team of expert engineers who have an in-depth understanding of the systems and products required. 

3) A Reputation For Excellence

As experts in air valve design, we are recognised around the world for producing robust and dependable valves, including Pressure Relief Valves (PRVs), inflation and deflation valves, and transfer and topping-up valves.

4) Robust Testing

Air valves that fail when you depend on them are dangerous. Whereas cheap valves are more likely to exhibit problems at an early stage, our valves are rigorously tested during production to ensure they offer the reliability our customers need. Every valve is individually pressure tested before it leaves our factory. By purchasing air valves from Leafield Marine, you can be confident that they will more than meet your needs.

5) A Global Leader

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of valves for inflatable structures, we export over 80 per cent of our products across the globe, even during periods of adversity. We have won awards for our exporting abilities. Our team have unrivalled technical knowledge and skills so we can provide trustworthy advice about any valves in which you may be interested.

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