Lifesaving Applications For Leafield Valves



Leafield Marine’s valves are used around the world on lifesaving products. Therefore, we have an intense testing process. All production is completed to Quality Standard ISO 9001:2015 criteria. Many products are created to meet PED, PE(S)R and SOLAS standards as well. These safety grades prove their performance in grave situations.

Here are 4 ways Leafield Marine valves are used in lifesaving applications:

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1. Life-rafts

lifesaving raft

Leafield Marine’s products are often used on commercial and leisure rafts to ensure the safety of passengers. Life-rafts are essential for sea vessels, and it is vital they can be deployed quickly, with no issues. Therefore, Leafield Marine make custom gas inflation systems to suit your life-raft , to allow fast inflation in crucial situations. Life-rafts can keep people safe for hours or days until help arrives. As a result, it is key they are of high quality.


2. Marine Evacuation Systems

At Leafield Marine we work with companies to produce rapid deployment evacuation systems, such as those seen on cruise ships and large vessels. These devices allow passengers to disembark from the boat swiftly and safely. These systems are complex, which is why we offer a tailored approach to finding the best solution. Speed and consistency are key in scenarios such as these. As a result, our valves go through strict testing to make sure they are up to the task.


3. Self-Righting Systems

Self-righting systems are known as a lifesaving progression in sea safety. Therefore, they are often seen on commercial vessels and SOLAS type Rescue Boats. They are an advised feature on any boat at risk of capsizing. If a boat is turned upside down, the system inflates to flip it the right way again. We offer systems that instantly deploy on contact with water. This causes the boat to be re-righted in seconds with reduced risk to life. Our products help to ensure these systems work efficiently at all times.


4. Military

Leafield Marine’s valves are used by military customers due to their high quality. Defence crafts are made for use in harsh conditions, so it is vital that every part of their design is flawless. We focus on the safety and quality of our products, as so many are key to protecting lives. If you’re interested in finding out more, view our military applications, or our defence page.



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