How Snap Fit Connectors Enable Faster Assembly For Rescue Tents, Emergency Shelters & Decontamination Showers


Snap Fit Connectors


In emergency situations, it is vital that shelters and rescue tents can be assembled quickly and efficiently. This allows the rescue crew to assess and treat casualties in a more suitable, sheltered environment. Therefore, preventing them from becoming hindered by challenging weather conditions. Snap Fit Connectors can assist with this.

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How Do Snap Fit Connectors Work?

Snap fit connectors assist rescue efforts by allowing inflatable shelters to be constructed rapidly. They allow adjoining chambers of an inflatable tent to be connected. This, in effect, creates a single modular structure, with one point of inflation and deflation. As a result, inflation becomes far more simple and much faster. A snap fit connector assembly provides a high flow rate between chambers. It clamps onto the fabric to create a leakproof and robust fit. This method is compatible with a wide range of fabrics, tubes, and chambers.

There are two types of snap fit connector assembly:

1) Permanent connectors – these fittings lock together permanently on assembly.

2) Non-permanent connectors – these connectors can be disconnected if necessary.

Our team can also fit the connector assemblies with non-return or pressure relief valves if required.

Non-Return Connector

The non-return Snap Fit Connector allows unilateral airflow between the chambers at various pre-set pressures. Once the specified pressure has been reached in the first chamber, the valve prevents the transferred air from being returned to the first chamber in case of a leak. This ensures the entire structure does not lose its integrity if one chamber has a leak. This is highly useful for emergency shelters and rescue tents as it makes sure the structure does not collapse at a vital moment. Furthermore, this function makes it easy to assess which chamber has a leak, and as a result makes repairs far quicker and simpler.

Leafield Marine also offer a blanking plug accessory. This allows the Snap Fit Connector Assembly to be sealed when disconnected, separating the chambers again. This plug can be removed easily to allow the chambers to be reconnected to enable air to flow through.

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