Inflatable Tents


Inflatable tent


Leafield Marine are well-known in the boat and RIB market. However, we do so much more! Our valves are often found on inflatable tents and structures too.

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Inflatable tents have risen in popularity in recent years due to their ease of assembly. Many campers have made the switch from normal tents to inflatable, as they allow for a less stressful start to a holiday. Using a simple pump rather than fiddling with poles, saves a lot of time and hassle. Not only is this easier for campers, but it can also be crucial during disasters.

Inflatable tents are often used for urgent care, mobile testing, and decontamination as they can be deployed rapidly as a short-term structure or shelter.

Inflatable medical tents are becoming more common. They are light due to the lack of metal poles, meaning they can be stored and moved easily when deflated. Additionally, they can be assembled in minutes, even with only one person. Time and people are key resources in critical situations so easy to assemble equipment is highly valuable.


Inflation/ Deflation Valve


A vital piece of kit for an inflatable tent is an inflation/ deflation valve. At Leafield Marine, we suggest our D7. This valve allows for fast inflation and deflation due to its high flow for size. It is often used in tough applications, such as military ships. However, the D7’s low profile also makes it ideal for smaller tubes, such as those you find on a tent.


Snap Fit Connector

Snapfit Installed

The Snap Fit Connector is key in the set up of inflatable tents. This valve allows separate inflatable tubes to be joined, providing a high flow between them. Therefore, allowing the tents to be built far faster.

No matter the application, all Leafield Marine valves go through strict testing to make sure they can cope in harsh settings. This process guarantees our valves will keep tents optimally inflated in all conditions. This means that product users will not have to waste time re-inflating their tents.


For more details on how Leafield Marine’s valves can benefit your inflatable tents, contact us today on 01225 439687, or email us at [email protected]