Leafield Marine’s Military Applications




Leafield Marine’s products are ideal for all applications, from simple crafts to elite military ships. We focus on making our valves tough and reliable. That is why all of our valves are separately pressure tested. They are also exposed to salt spray, UV, Sand & Aluminium Oxide wear, & function tests. This is to ensure the products they are used on hold their structure.

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Quality Assurance For Military Equipment

Leafield Marine valves are often found on military devices. Therefore, we complete all production to Quality Standard ISO 9001:2015 criteria. We further design many products to meet PED, PE(S)R and SOLAS standards. A number have also been issued with NATO stock numbers, gained after years of use in various areas of operation, from Arctic surveys to coastal patrol vessels in the middle east.

The D7 Inflation/ Deflation Valve


Our D7 inflation/ deflation valves are ideal for use on military RIBs and boats. Firstly, they have an advanced clamping method, with an ‘O’ ring seal added to the valve core. This reduces the risk of leaks in the fabric. Acetal (POM) plastic parts give the valve high strength with chemical, ozone and shock resistance. Creators of military RIBs and boats favour the D7’s robust, yet sleek design.

The Switchable Transfer Valve (STV)

Leafield Marine’s Switchable Transfer Valve (STV) provides an internal link between adjoining chambers of a RIB. This creates a single point of inflation. The control switch can easily open and close the chamber link. Our STV has a high flow rate both during inflation and deflation. Therefore, it is ideal for high pressure scenarios. The STV needs no upkeep and is used in many situations around the world. These include; Heli-drop, underwater CRRC applications, rapid deployment, and search and rescue.


Military customers use our products when reliability and speed are crucial. Their crafts are made for use in extreme contexts. Therefore, it is key that every part of the design is flawless. That’s why Leafield Marine’s products are the ideal choice. Our testing process is strict to make sure our valves can cope in all conditions. In such intense applications, a low profile is vital. Therefore, Leafield Marine’s valves come in a wide range of colours and all have a smooth exterior. As a result, they are able to blend with any design.



No matter the use, Leafield Marine have a valve solution for you.

For more details about how Leafield Marine can assist your military products, contact [email protected] or view our defence webpage.