Pressure Gauges, Cylinders, & Wrenches- What accessories do we supply?


pressure gauges


Leafield Marine are world leaders in the design and manufacture of air valves and inflation systems. However, in order for these products to function properly, many other accessories and service tools are required too. As a result, Leafield Marine supply a range of air valve and inflation accessories including pressure gauges, tools, and adaptors.

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Pressure Gauges:

Pressure gauge

Leafield Marine supply pressure gauges, allowing you to accurately read the pressure inside your RIB, boat, or inflatable structure. Therefore, you can ensure your product will maintain optimum performance. Our pressure gauges can be used alongside any Leafield Marine inflation/ deflation valve to assess the rate of inflation. We supply 0 – 8.5 psi or 0-20 psi range, both of which give highly accurate readings.

The Leafield gauge has a stainless-steel housing with a damped shock resistant mechanism to prevent damage. Additionally, it comes with a protective shock-absorbing cover. This helps to keep the pressure gauge sturdy and functional at all times.

D7/C7/A6/A9 Tool Kit Spanner:

D7/C7/A6/A9 Tool Kit Spanner – C166051

A took kit spanner or wrench is a key requirement for any air valve. Many of our customers supply them to their end-users as part of a valve repair kit. The Leafield valve wrench or spanner is used to tighten the air valve and can easily be used by manufactures and customers alike. The product is small and versatile, and consequently ideal for on-the-go adjustments to your valve.

Factory Fitting Tools:

A6 factory fitting tools

Factory fitting tools are vital to fit your valves to your product. These are often used alongside a torque wrench to ensure the correct tightening of the valves. Using Leafield’s fitting tools helps to prevent damage  during the valve installation process. We offer different factory fitting tools for different air valves so you will require separate for each type of valve you order. If you are unsure which tools you require, please contact us.

Pump/ Hose Adaptors:

D7 C7 pump hose fitting

Leafield Marine supply screw-in hose adaptors to ensure a secure attachment during inflation. We supply these with an internal spring, which holds the valve open when inflating, and closes upon removal. This reduces back-pressure and improves flow. Our inflation valve hose adaptors are available in either 16mm or 20mm depending on your application. We can also supply an adaptor to suit bayonent hose fittings if necessary. Please contact us for more information on this.


Gas Inflation System

Cylinders are a vital part of an inflation system. Leafield Marine supply cylinders for inflation purposes. If you are based in the UK, we can deliver these pre-filled, ready for use. However, if you are ordering to a different part of the world, we can only ship empty cylinders. You can then have these filled by your local life raft servicing station.

Individual Product Additions:

As well as the general accessories, Leafield Marine sell specific product additions for our air valves. For example, we supply filter caps and plugs for our A6 Pressure Relief Valves. The filter prevents dirt and debris from causing leaks in the valve. The blanking plug prevents the pressure relief valve from functioning, which can be necessary in certain applications. For example, on life rafts. Additionally, we sell blanking plugs to block our Snap Fit Connectors. Our individual product accessories can be found at the bottom of the appropriate product page.


If you are looking for a specific product or accessory, please contact us directly. We offer a range of specialist products for inflatable structures and as a result, it is likely we can provide what you are looking for. If we do not supply your desired product, we can help you to locate an alternative source.