What are Switchable Transfer Valves and Should You Use Them?


Switchable Transfer


Leafield Marine’s Switchable Transfer Valve (STV) is a useful new product to improve inflation of a RIB.

The valve is fitted between the internal chambers of a RIB tube and has an external control switch, which is easily accessible to the boat crew. The STV can be opened to connect the chambers. This allows the boat to be inflated through a single point. As a result, inflation is far quicker and easier than without a transfer valve.

The control switch allows the valve connection to be closed, thus separating the chambers again. This ensures that if there is damage to one, the structure remains inflated. Furthermore, this makes it far easier for the crew to spot the damaged chamber and repair it quickly.

Transfer valve installation is simple as the valve clamps into the fabric of the RIB tube. Therefore, no gluing or welding is needed. The STV is made from military grade acetal plastics. The internal switch is made from stainless steel. As a result, the valve is highly robust and resistant to corrosion. This makes it ideal for demanding marine applications. Due to these materials, there is no need for routine maintenance.

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Should you be using Switchable Transfer Valves?


RIB with STV

Although the STV improves inflation in all types of RIB, Leafield Marine recommend our STVs for use on commercial, military, and rescue RIBs specifically. This is mainly due to the enhanced inflation speed. The valve assembly is flexible, which greatly reduces the packed size of the deflated boat. Therefore, the STV is a highly useful product for compact structures that require rapid inflation. This is why they are frequently seen on military, defence, or emergency rescue boats.

If you are looking for a transfer valve for inflatable tents or structures, have a look at our Snap Fit Connector. This product provides a similar function to the STV, but designed to fit the chambers of inflatable tent.


If you are unsure about whether the Switchable Transfer Valve is suitable for your product, ask our team today. We have a selection of transfer valves for inflatable structures so are certain to have one to suit your needs.