iSUPs: Why Use Leafield Marine’s Pressure Relief Valves?


River Raft


In various weather conditions the air pressure in an inflatable iSUPs can fluctuate. For example, on a hot day the temperature will increase the chamber pressure, making your paddleboard expand and putting strain on the seams. There have been reports that paddleboards have caused damage or even injury to people, as the they burst due to the increase in pressure.

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ISUPs are high-pressure products so any increase can cause issues. A Leafield Marine A9 Pressure Relief valves can help you to regulate the air pressure in your iSUPs and ensure they do not become damaged or dangerous to the user.

Our A9 has internal and external filters to stop dropstitch threads, sand and debris causing leaks. This makes it highly reliable.

The A9 is a compact and robust Pressure Relief Valves, perfect when reliability and smaller size are critical. Its 46mm diameter allows it to fit iSUPs perfectly, without looking out of place. This design makes it suitable for a wide range of high-pressure applications, such as paddleboards kayaks.

A9 for iSUPs

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