Ultimate Guide to Valves for Inflatable Tents and Buildings


Valves for Inflatable Tents


At Leafield Marine, we are well-known for our products in the marine industry. However, we additionally work with a number of companies that create large-scale inflatable structures. These include products such as, event shelters, tents, and waterparks. Some are used for advertising purposes or in many cases, emergency situations. When designing products such as these, it is important that you can trust they will stay inflated for a prolonged period of time. That is why air valves are so important. Leafield Marine products ensure structures remain optimally inflated at all times. We have a number of inflatable valve types for use on large structures and tents.

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The Benefits of Leafield Marine Air Valves for Inflatable Tents and Structures

There are many benefits to using Leafield Marine’s valves for inflatable structures. The main one is, of course, their quality and reliability. Leafield make valves using acetal plastic. This is a material that is known for its strength. As a result, our products are highly strong and resistant to corrosion. Because many companies use our valves on their life saving equipment, we put them through extreme testing procedures. This ensures they remain reliable even in the most challenging conditions.

An additional benefit of our air valves is their high flow rate, especially in comparison to their size. At Leafield Marine, we design our products to rapidly inflate and deflate a structure. This is highly beneficial for both large inflatable structures and for emergency inflatable tents.

Furthermore, we believe that our customisation options are great for use on inflatable structures. Our valves are available in multiple colours. This ensures that they do not detract from the structure’s design. Although this may not be the top priority when designing an inflatable medical tent, it has an impact on advertising inflatables and large event shelters. To find out more about why our products are ideal for advertising inflatables, click here!

Here, we have put together a list of our top valves for inflatable tents and structures:

Which Products Should you Use For Inflatable Structures?


D7 Inflation/ Deflation Valve


We suggest our D7 as an inflation valve for most applications due to its versatility. The key benefit of the D7 inflation valve is its high flow rate. This allows for fast inflation of large structures. The valve is 100% leak tested before it leaves the factory to ensure reliability in all conditions. Its low profile design is ideal for many different applications. As a result, it has become one of the key air valves for inflatable tents and structures.

A6 Pressure Relief Valve

A6 pressure relief valve

Pressure relief valves (PRVs), sometimes referred to as over pressure valves, are useful on most inflatable projects. However, they are especially important for inflatable structures that are  exposed to the elements. Many large-scale structures, such as event shelters, remain inflated for long periods of time. Long-term solar exposure can increase the pressure in the chambers, which can become dangerous. A PRV prevents this by opening if the pressure exceeds the pre-set level. Our compact, yet reliable A6 valve is ideal for this scenario. The opening and closing pressures are accurately pre-set and repeatable to ensure optimal functionality. We suggest our A6 for the majority of inflatable structures.

Snap Fit Connector

snap fit connector assembly

The Leafield Snap Fit Connector is specifically designed for use on inflatable tents. It’s a transfer valve that connects the chambers of an inflatable tent. The valve provides a high flow rate between chambers and creates, in effect, a modular structure. We offer both permanent and non-permanent connectors. The non-permanent connector allows the transfer valve to be disconnected, separating the chambers again. Find out more about our Snap Fit Connectors here. We recommend the Snap Fit Connector for fast and even inflation of your structure.


What Can we do for you?

Air valves for Inflatable tents

Despite our name, Leafield Marine work with companies from all industries. Our valves are used on such a wide range of products that it is highly likely we can find a system that works for you.

If you have specific requirements for your project, contact us today. Our team are happy to work with you to find the best inflation valve solution.