Products you didn’t know use Leafield Air Valves


air valves for board



Leafield Marine’s air valves are well-known for their RIB and life raft applications. However, we do so much more than that! Our valves and inflation systems are suitable for a wide range of inflatable products. Below we have listed some of the products that you didn’t know use Leafield Marine air valves.

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oil boom

Oil booms are important devices that are used to contain and clear up spills at sea. They are often inflatable to allow for rapid deployment and easy storage. Leafield’s air valves ensure they can be deployed quickly and effectively every time. Our pressure relief valves are also found on oil booms. These ensure they don’t become over-inflated. Find out more about Leafield’s valves for inflatable oil booms here.


Waterparks and obstacle courses are fun for children and adults alike, but many people don’t know that a number of waterpark inflatables use Leafield Marine products. These large structures need reliable and robust valves to ensure they remain stable. Additionally, these products are often situated outside or on exposed lakes or bodies of water. This means they face prolonged exposure to the sun. In these situations, pressure relief valves are highly useful. They prevent the structures from becoming overinflated, which can be dangerous for those using it.


Although they might not be the first thing that spring to mind, Leafield Marine help several manufacturers of promotional inflatables to create high quality products. These vary from standard archways to unique custom-made shapes. Our valves are ideal for these products due to our wide range of customisation options. For example, we manufacture our air valve caps in a selection of colours. This allows them to match various product designs. The small profile and aesthetic appeal of our products make them the perfect fit for structures that focus on visual design.


Leafield Marine are always thinking about safety. Our history of creating air valves and inflation systems for life rafts and safety vessels means that every product is tested before it leaves our factory. This makes them highly advantageous to manufacturers of inflatable gym mats and similar equipment. Gym and crash mats create safe, cushioned landings for gymnasts, especially during training. Leafield’s air valves are robust, ensuring the mat remains inflated even when subjected to hard usage.


Although they are a common inflatable product, you may not expect to see Leafield Marine’s military-grade air valves on lilos and pool inflatables. However, our D7 inflation valve is ideal for this application. Its small profile and sleek design makes it suitable for various smaller products.


Leafield Marine are passionate about the marine industry. However, our products are ideal for many different types of inflatable structures that you may not know about. If you are looking for an air flow solution, contact us today. Our team of engineers have worked on a wide selection of projects and are happy to help.